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If you’re a large organization, association, or technology company seeking unwavering professionalism, quality and maximum alignment with your business objectives, if you’re looking for personalized high-quality software products at the forefront of technology, if you dream of a vast, available, and stable pool of top-tier IT talent, and if you want to liberate yourself from the time-consuming intricacies of recruitment, training, management, and maintenance while still receiving impeccable results and if reliability is a paramount value for you — then you’ve come to the right place.

About Us

Skyvar provides comprehensive end-to-end software services: analysis, design, development, quality assurance and product deployment. We specialize in seamless integration into the development processes of large companies and organizations, delivering high-quality software products with professional technological adaptation and maximum flexibility tailored to our clients’ needs. With us, you can choose between full outsourcing to obtain the technological product you desire, all within the perfect framework of the PTC method, or the Hi-Tel model, which empowers you to maintain professional control. Our team consists of top-tier programmers who undergo a rigorous selection process and comprehensive training before commencing work, ensuring exceptional professionalism, intelligent technology selection and rapid delivery of chosen products.



The true secret behind our excellence lies in the PTC method, an innovative approach embedded in Skyvar by our brightest minds, designed to unlock the full potential of each programmer while achieving seamless teamwork integration. To witness the power of PTC up close and hear real-world examples, a meeting is a must.

Our programmers are all software engineering graduates who have successfully completed advanced courses in various fields, such as algorithms, data structures, high-level mathematics and more. Our rigorous selection process involves multiple stages, including comprehensive skill assessments, professional interviews, personal interviews, and optionally, customer interviews. Upon selection, they undergo a three-stage professional training journey, transforming them into experts in their respective domains.

In the Categorical System, They Go Through Four Stages:

With their acceptance to the job, they undergo a three-stage professional training journey, a process that makes them experts in the field

Stage 1: Mechanisms

In this stage, there is a systematic learning of significant working mechanisms that empower the programmer with the capability to execute any task assigned to her perfectly. These include methodologies, leading work methods, research, generality, TDD (Test-Driven Development), and more.

Stage 2: Client-Centric Training

In the second stage, the programmer undergoes specific training for the project she is about to undertake, in addition to the knowledge she brings with her. The goal of this training is to launch her to a level of maximal performance in her field, through comprehensive and in-depth material focused on the desired domain, professional tools, and original authorizations for all required knowledge sources.

Stage 3: Teams of Depth and Breadth

In the final stage, the employee is assigned to a depth team where work on a similar project is carried out. Additionally, in a breadth team, she receives further training in a specific domain such as UI/UX, testing, AI, DevOps, and more. This is how we create a collaborative team approach. In each team, there is an expert for each sub-domain, and in each domain, there are breadth specialists who provide broad consultation for any bug or question in their respective expertise.

Our locations:

Skyvar focuses on geographical and social peripheries with the goal of contributing to the development of these regions and harnessing the available high-quality human resources. Choosing Skyvar provides you with high-quality, stable, long-term work teams and a personal partnership in your vision. We offer a diverse range of deployment options, including preferred regions, integrated deployment, or a hybrid approach through the Hi-Tel model.


2 complexes




2 complexes


At Skyvar, we merge professional and social visions to bring you
not only professionals with a soul but also superior results.

Our vision includes:

  • Providing the highest level of professional software development services
  • Aspiring for continuous technological innovation and specialization
  • Creating a model of mutual respect and collaboration
  • Fostering a suitable atmosphere throughout life, in a positive, optimistic, and energetic environment.

Engagement Models:

At Skyar and within the Hi-Tel arm, we offer flexible engagement models:

  • Hourly engagement
  • Project-based
  • Custom options based on client needs


Skyvar provides a range of software development services at the highest level of professionalism:

Development Areas:



An approach that combines software development with system operations, including infrastructure, with the goal of shortening development and deployment processes. This practice enables high quality, efficiency, and improved release pace while saving operational costs. The approach includes process automation and continuous monitoring, fostering a culture of teamwork. We specialize in developing DEVOPS systems and delivering infrastructure solutions. System management with the PTC method is performed with complete alignment with this approach.



An approach that combines software development with system operations, including infrastructure, with the goal of shortening development and deployment processes. This practice enables high quality, efficiency, and improved release pace while saving operational costs. The approach includes process automation and continuous monitoring, fostering a culture of teamwork. We specialize in developing DEVOPS systems and delivering infrastructure solutions. System management with the PTC method is performed with complete alignment with this approach.



Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a rapidly developing field in computer science that deals with creating systems that mimic human intelligence. AI-based systems enable natural language understanding, image recognition, and learning from data without explicit programming. It's a central field today, generating new technologies and leading to a world-changing paradigm. We are already there. We'd be delighted to tell you how we're developing for the entities leading the next generation of systems.



Cloud services have become highly popular in recent years, as they offer numerous advantages including data security mechanisms, full availability, flexible consumption of storage services, development efficiency, and cost savings. Cloud services are an integral part of the IT industry, and they are expected to continue growing and evolving in the coming years. At Skyvar, you'll find a dedicated department that has undergone intensive training in cloud services operations, providing you with full confidence, just like other companies working with us.



A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is designed to help organizations manage their relationships with customers, improve performance and increase sales. It allows organizations to centralize customer data while building analytics, behavior analysis, problem-solving and targeted marketing. Various CRM systems exist in the market. With us, we can explore together and find the most suitable software for your needs. We'll help you advance towards the most suitable goal for you.



The world of Business Intelligence (BI) is a field that focuses on collecting, processing, and analyzing business data, with the goal of providing business decision-makers with valuable insights that enable them to make better decisions. BI draws business information from various sources (such as CRM and ERP systems) and presents patterns and relationships that help visualize and make informed decisions in business.



COBOL was the most popular business language in the world for decades and even today (!), it is still widely used. It is a reliable and stable language, primarily used for writing applications in the finance and healthcare sectors. We provide development and maintenance services for COBOL systems in banks, insurance companies, and more, with the belief that if you choose it, you deserve ongoing service.



The world of data and digital is developing rapidly. We offer a variety of data services such as storage, analysis, prediction, and data processing. These services can help improve decision-making, increase efficiency, and develop new products and services.



Embedded systems are computer systems integrated within mechanical or electronic systems. In this field as well, we can provide you with the most suitable technological solution for you.

Hi-Tel Arm:

Interested in enjoying peace of mind in employee recruitment, management, and retention, while still maintaining professional control?

The Hi-Tel option is the right choice for you.

Hi-Tel offers you peace of mind in finding, recruiting, and managing excellent programmers, BI and analytics professionals.

The keys will work in close collaboration with your technical units, in a remote working model, and under your professional management.

You can also integrate hybrid work, both at the company’s facilities and at the customer’s premises.


The Hi-Tel arm operates according to three core values that promise you maximum results and satisfaction:


Our programmers undergo professional training and have a high-profile, rigorous filtering process to select the best candidates. Additionally, they receive ongoing professional support throughout the learning, placement, and work phases.



One of the significant challenges in the tech industry is employee turnover. Hi-Tel focuses on recruiting individuals from peripheral areas that suffer from a shortage of quality job opportunities. We create a tailored work environment, both on-site and in a hybrid working model, fostering mutual cooperation with clients. The result is satisfied, motivated employees who are here to stay.



Hi-Tel is known for its innovative and holistic thinking, providing personalized “out-of-the-box” solutions.

This creative mindset guides you through the negotiation process, ensuring you fully understand the benefits of the proposed engagement, leading to a professional decision tailored precisely to your needs.

This approach saves you resources and ensures maximum productivity.


At Skyvar, we are committed to innovation in software development. By utilizing the most advanced technologies, we remain up-to-date with industry trends and offer exclusive innovative solutions in development.


Resilience and Surplus:

At Sykvar, we place a strong emphasis on providing ongoing support to our customers in every emergency scenario, driven by a forward-looking perspective.
In line with this, all electrical and communication infrastructures are built in the safest and most comprehensive manner:
Electrical infrastructures at the control centers are equipped with high-capacity UPS systems.
Communication lines are doubled and tripled, operated by different providers independently, with smart controllers seamlessly transferring communication between the various lines based on continuous monitoring of relevant parameters such as reliability and speed. All of this is done automatically, without the need for manual intervention.
The various servers are fortified with a variety of tools to address numerous disaster scenarios, along with the integration of cloud-based applications from leading international providers.


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